About SyracuseFirst
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SyracuseFirst got its start as a nonprofit organization in June 2009. It set out to follow the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) model with hopes of inspiring the local businesses of Syracuse. SyracuseFirst encourages citizens, businesses, government and nonprofit organizations to “think local first.” Following the principles of BALLE, SyracuseFirst is dedicated to building a sustainable community.

Our overall mission is to shift the community to buy local as frequently as possible. By working to connect these local businesses, we can create solid foundation. We seek to increase market share to our independent business members by promoting local awareness and education.

SyracuseFirst is committed to preserving the character and vitality of our economy. We will continue to educate citizens, stakeholders, business leaders and legislators about the buy local movement.

SyracuseFirst Mission:

Our primary objective is to encourage Syracuse area residents to think local, buy local and be local by supporting independent businesses in our community.

SyracuseFirst Vision:

SyracuseFirst will stimulate all segments of the community – including business, education and public service to buy local.  The organization hopes to initiate change and promote awareness about economic prosperity, social equity and environmental kinship.

SyracuseFirst Values:

  • Sustainability – Fostering the highest standards of integrity by promoting ideals of a sustainable community.
  • Collaboration – Building on existing resources and strengthening ties between businesses and the community.
  • Education – Committing to teach community members to contribute and benefit from the “buy local” movement.